Mutual Aid and Community Involvement at Gale Math and Science Academy

Since the fall of 2013, members of the Chicago Light Brigade have attended Gale LSC meetings, carried out mutual aid activities, and reached out to parents and other members of the community about improving learning conditions at Gale. We realize that crime is a major problem in the area north of Howard Street, but we believe community safety begins with safe schools, quality learning conditions, and students who feel supported by their community. To that end, we have worked to collect instruments and books for Gale students, and have painted hallway walls at the school. Unfortunately, there are a number of conditions that even our most skilled members cannot safely address.

We hope that these efforts have helped parents and students feel supported by their community, and that these efforts have highlighted the shortcomings of the Chicago Public School system, which is apparently unwilling to give our children the safe spaces and quality education that they deserve.